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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Step Closer to a Death Ray!!!

Laser cannon that can take down an airplane unveiled

Finally, we are living in a world where gigantic lasers can shoot down planes. It's been a sci-fi dream for ages, but now, Raytheon has a functioning anti-aircraft laser that can actually take planes out of the sky.

Dubbed the Laser Close-In Weapon System, Raytheon recently unveiled the new laser at an airshow in England. Using a 50 kilowatt beam, it's been tested against unmanned aircraft with great success. You wouldn't want to be targeted by this thing, that's for sure.

It's currently being incorporated into the Navy's anti-missile defense system by the company, so it's likely that we'll start seeing laser-based warfare in the very near future.

Via Fast Company


Thursday, July 1, 2010

The sexiest way to fix the iPhone 4's reception issues

The sexiest way to fix the iPhone 4's reception issues

The iPhone 4's reception issues, which involve losing signal strength when you, um, hold the phone, have been discussed far and wide now. But hey, complaining doesn't fix anything.

This slick Vapor4 bumper, made of aluminum and looking inspired by hot rods or spaceships, will keep you from touching the iPhone 4's wraparound antenna, solving the reception problem. It's also very solid, so it should help protect your phone if you drop it. Really paranoid? Well, you can get a carbon fiber back plate for it as well to really get complete protection.

It ain't cheap, unfortunately. The bumper is $80 and the bumper plus back plate is $100.

Element Case, via Gizmodo